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20% off through 5/30/2023!
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How we got into points and miles

In 2015 we started a hobby that has changed our ability to travel, and our mindset about goals completely.

First though, let me explain that this hobby is not for everyone. This is not personal financial advice. Before making any personal financial decisions please educate yourself on your financial circumstances. This information is only my personal experience using points and miles to plan trips for myself and family.

Ok, now we can get started. This all started when my husband’s coworker was planning a luxurious vacation to Italy- a two week Italian extravaganza with business class flights & night after night in luxurious hotels.

We were curious how he was able to afford such a trip, so we asked what they were doing to plan it. After all, if he had some way to make it possible- budgeting, deals he found online, etc we wanted to know.

Turns out he was using credit card points and miles… a lot of them. So, we took him to lunch & over some hot dogs he explained how his entire vacation was nearly free. We were hooked.

I jotted notes about what cards he used and what they got him- flights, hotel rooms, cash back, companion passes, etc and quickly went home to plan our own vacation.

Within a couple months we were well on our way to planning a trip for Fall 2016. In the coming posts I’ll explain the cards we used, how we found availability and what keeps us on track to achieve our goals!

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